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Games The rumour mill for the next generation of video game consoles has been churning out some juicy stuff these past few months. While Nintendo has laid most of its cards out on the table, Microsoft and Sony have remained tight-lipped, probably because their consoles are still seeing increased sales. So, we have to rely on rumours, and those rumours have one thing in common: Microsoft and Sony want to eliminate the used games market.
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The Android version of iFishing has a piracy rate of 98%.

So you'll have to spare me the "massive piracy" threats, since pirates have zero scruples anyway. Android is as open as you can get, and iFishing only costs $3, yet that doesn't soften the hearts of the pirates as they still pirate iFishing like there's no tomorrow. The notion that piracy will increase due to "bad" behavior of Sony or Microsoft higher than it would've been anyway is laughable.

Pirates pirate not out of any altruistic motive or idealism, they pirate because they have zero respect for the hard work that creators put into the creation of their products. It makes absolutely no difference whether the creators appease them or not, pirates don't give a damn.

Tell me, what "bad" behavior did Rocking Pocket (the developer of iFishing) due to deserve a 98% piracy rate? What, is 3 dollars so burdensome that people just couldn't afford it, so had to resort to piracy? What, does Android's ability to side load apps have too many barriers (it has none), that people decided to "stick it to the man" by resorting to piracy, in order to teach Rocking Pocket and/or Google a lesson? Please...

Note that the iPhone and Windows Phone versions of iFishing have a much lower piracy rate. Why? Because those phones have the "closed garden" model, which is an inherent barrier against piracy. Google exhibits "good" behavior by allowing free side loading of apps, and the pirates rewarded Google by pirating the Android version of iFishing at a 98% rate. So much for appeasing pirates.

"If they just make the price of the game/software low enough and make the system 'open' enough, then folks wouldn't pirate!" Yeah, right. lol

Note: The above takes no position regarding "used games". I think folks should be able to buy used games and rent games. But I don't think a massive increase in piracy would result if such were blocked. Even if it did, game developers wouldn't care, since the increase in piracy would've been rentals or used game purchases anyway, which game devs see zero money from. Game devs think they'd see more revenue from blocking "used games" and rentals than from not, even is there were an increase in piracy as a result.

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The point is, I am a legitimate paying customer, who has not resorted to pirating any console games, but if the prices rise, I will consider pirating consoles much more seriously. What you want to argue about threats etc is irrelevant. I am sharing my personal experience with these consoles.

Currently I consider what I have with sony to be a good deal, and I am happy to pay for their products. However should that change then I would stop paying for their products. I am sure there are many others out there who will share that view with me. People pirate things for many reasons. Some do it to save money, some do it out of principle. It really varies. I stopped using Microsoft purely because they stopped supporting hardware products I bought within a year of my purchasing them. People will get mad about the lack of a second hand games market and increased prices WILL drive more people into piracy.

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you don't even know how misguided your comments are. The real question is do we continue to allow entertainment companies to "sell" us stuff that they think we don't actually own but are just paying a fee to use. Let me give you a simpler example. Imagine not being able to buy a used chevy from your neighbor or a local dealer because the manufacturer didn't make any money from that sale. or if you do buy a used one, you can't start it until you pay Chevy more money or, preferably, just buy a new one from them. Same for your house, can't buy a used one cause the home builder won't make more money from the sale etc.

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The Android version of iFishing has a piracy rate of 98%.

That's extreme, however is there any information out there other than this tidbit with a miniscule chat screenshot, no links, no nothing? I checked on rocking pocketgames blog and there was no mention of this which I found weird, also I was very curious on how they came up with this piracy rate.

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Hi guys, I'm the author of iFishing and I posted the piracy information to my twitter account.

The stats are based on how much download data is being used on Amazon S3 for hosting the media files used by the game. According to them I am using roughly 3.3 TB of data per month (3460300 mb). The media files for one person to download is 20 mb. Divide the bandwidth by 20 mb to get the number of people downloading the full set of data, which is 173015. Now I only get about 2000 people who buy the game per month. These numbers are approximate but it is obvious there is a lot of piracy going on.

There are a lot of Android sites and illegal markets that are distributing my game without my permission. The only place it should be available is on the Google Play market and Amazon.

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