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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over the years, one thing has been very hard to grasp for some people: the fact that people want smartphones with 4.0"+ screens. These 'some people' seem to believe that because Apple chose a 3.5" display, any display size that isn't 3.5" is wrong. Keep that in mind when you read Samsung's latest little communiqué: the Korean giant has sold (not shipped, sold) more than 5 million Galaxy Notes. Which has a 5.3" screen.
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RE: It is terrible though
by majipoor on Thu 29th Mar 2012 15:38 UTC in reply to "It is terrible though"
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"Where has apple said this? Are you making stuff up again or do you have a source?"

Good question indeed: I don't remember Apple having said that 3.5" is optimal for a smartphone.

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RE[2]: It is terrible though
by suryad on Thu 29th Mar 2012 18:26 in reply to "RE: It is terrible though"
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Seriously we are nitpicking at this level now? Yeesh!

Anyway I am an Android fan and I like the fact after rooting I can do so many things on the phone and yes that includes tethering, skinning the OS, removing crapware that the carriers include etc. I tried the Note and even though I wanted to like it I could not. My conclusion is that it was a nice attempt by Samsung but not a proper implementation esp since it is running Gingerbread. I am hoping if the device is running Ice Cream Sandwich maybe the resolution and the icky looking buttons will get sorted out. I am gonna look to snag an international version once either Samsung pushes ICS OR more likely once CM9 is out the door.

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RE[3]: It is terrible though
by MOS6510 on Thu 29th Mar 2012 20:08 in reply to "RE[2]: It is terrible though"
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It isn´t nitpicking. Thom claims Apple said things, in a pretty arrogant way, and spends a whole article explaining why they are wrong, while in fact Apple hasn´t claimed anything of such.

He even quotes a quote that someone made in refference to IBM and substitutes IBM for Apple.

It isn´t the first, and probably not the last time, Thom projects all kind of stuff on Apple which is either not true or lacks any proof.

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RE[3]: It is terrible though
by leos on Thu 29th Mar 2012 22:42 in reply to "RE[2]: It is terrible though"
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Yeah but you said last week that everyone that likes the iPhone is an idiot.

Wait, you're saying you didn't say that? Well sheesh, if you want to nitpick about little details like whether you said that or not....

See? Fact checking is not nitpicking. Thom, as an editor on this site, has a responsibility to not blatantly lie about statements he makes. I'd be just as annoyed if he made similar statements about any other company or person. If you're going to make a controversial statement of fact, you have to back it up.

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RE[3]: It is terrible though
by mrstep on Fri 30th Mar 2012 01:56 in reply to "RE[2]: It is terrible though"
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"Because Apple's word is the undeniable truth and the right answer for everyone, anyone choosing not to believe it must, therefore, be influenced by some external factor beyond their own free will."

It could be the tone of the article causing the 'nitpicking'.

Ideally you'd get a 5" phone and a 7" tablet, because even if Apple didn't actually say it, you got to stick it to the man for thinking it! Yeah!

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