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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over the years, one thing has been very hard to grasp for some people: the fact that people want smartphones with 4.0"+ screens. These 'some people' seem to believe that because Apple chose a 3.5" display, any display size that isn't 3.5" is wrong. Keep that in mind when you read Samsung's latest little communiqué: the Korean giant has sold (not shipped, sold) more than 5 million Galaxy Notes. Which has a 5.3" screen.
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RE[3]: It is terrible though
by leos on Thu 29th Mar 2012 22:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: It is terrible though"
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Yeah but you said last week that everyone that likes the iPhone is an idiot.

Wait, you're saying you didn't say that? Well sheesh, if you want to nitpick about little details like whether you said that or not....

See? Fact checking is not nitpicking. Thom, as an editor on this site, has a responsibility to not blatantly lie about statements he makes. I'd be just as annoyed if he made similar statements about any other company or person. If you're going to make a controversial statement of fact, you have to back it up.

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