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Internet & Networking The Goodbye, Microsoft website has been a good source of Linux information for five years, focusing on issues like compatibility, mature computers, performance, applications, light distros, and reviews. The site just posted its Big Board of Linux Distributions, a list that gives you quick info on Linux distros sorted by hardware requirements. Here's to hoping this useful non-commercial website is with us for the next five years.
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RE: The golden days of Ubuntu
by Lennie on Fri 30th Mar 2012 16:20 UTC in reply to "The golden days of Ubuntu"
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I know what I'll be doing, it seems GNOME fallback in Ubuntu is fixed in 12.04:

So you have a GNOME3 based GNOME2 desktop.

I have no problems with running LTS for a while and maybe even move to Debian when wheezy has ben released.

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Digihooman Member since:

I was using squeeze until January and switched to Wheezy. I am no uber geek, just an old distro tart, but I find it pretty good on my AMD Phenom/Gigabyte combo. There have been plenty of updates but all good... could be worth a try now.

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Lennie Member since:

I know Debian 6 very well, I'm just don't know what Debian 7 will be like. Looks like I'll have to wait to next year for that.

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