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Gnome "GNOME 3.4 introduces a range of new features. A new document search facility allows quick access to content stored both on your device and online. Smooth scrolling means that moving through content is slick and graceful. New application menus, which are located on the top bar, provide a useful way to access application options and actions." And a lot more.
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Gnome 3.4
by vinhsynd on Sat 31st Mar 2012 23:43 UTC
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I switched from KDE to Gnome 3 once Fedora 15 was released and haven't looked back. I can tell I'm in the minority around this site but I like the dashboard-like application menu.

When I'm going application hunting I might as well use the whole screen rather than stare at a small pop-up menu tree in the bottom left or top right corner. In addition to having a large go to space to get an overview of everything I appreciate the automatic text entry to search for applications.

Previously I had to make icon favorites, or bother with organizing the menu tree so that things were quick to find and click. Like most people I have programs I use all the time, ones I use daily, and those I seldom to never use. The largest group is that middle group which makes it inefficient to make favorites for all of them, and time consuming to make a menu devoted to them so I don't have to multiple menus deep to find them. Now I just push the win key, and then start typing what I want and it narrows the main menu for me - its a lot quicker and requires no work to setup.

The window management paradigm matches my workflow pretty well, although not perfect. I have a lot of large spreadsheets and being able to full screen them to see more of a sheet just makes life easier (so does zooming out till my eyes bleed). I used to hide the taskbar (it would give 2 - 3 more rows on the sheet) and use 'alt tab' to move between programs, or have them on separate virtual desktops. This is why the single key press to text search my applications rather than mousing through a popup menu in the taskbar is a nice feature.

I used to have multiple sheets open with a word processor and just alt-tab them back and forth. I'd put one project per virtual desktop to organize things (activities seemed like overkill for what I needed). The problem was that with lots of virtual desktops the pager in the taskbar got really small and I ended up putting it in the dashboard like it is in Gnome 3.

Now with dynamically allocated desktops is easy to expand to new projects, or on to side distractions without having to close old projects or manually add another desktop. Its a small thing but just makes life nice and easy. I just wish there was a way to limit alt-tab and alt-~ to only the applications that virtual desktop as opposed to all of them.

As for this release, I think the renewed focus on modernizing the included Gnome applications will be nice as well as further enhancement and integration of the Contacts, Telephone, and Messaging applications with each other and the shell. I like what I see far with the Documents application, and hope that similar improvements and integration with Evolution will happen as well.

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