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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Little benownst to the world all this time, GoldenEye (N64) has a fully-functional ZX Spectrum 48x emulator built into it. By feeding it a proper Spectrum monitor program and calling menu 25 to load a snapshot, any Spectrum 48x program can be run. The emulator started life as a side project to see if Spectrum emulation was possible on N64 and was hooked into GE, the current game in development. It was supposed to be removed before release but was only made inaccessible and inoperable. All the registers, dependancies, and script required to run the emulator still reside in retail GoldenEye carts."
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The problem with later games are that they were generally ports. So, the C64 or Anstrad version would look nicer, play better or have better graphics. But it was games like Atic Attack, Jet Set Willy and such that made the system a hit in the first place. Just the fact that Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy are absolute cult games still, pretty amazing. Both were released on the first on the Speccy (though legend is Matthew Smith wrote manic miner on a Z80 based Tandy and ported the machine code to the Spectrum.)

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