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Google Interesting, if not inherently flawed, article by Farhad Manjoo. "Honan might be right that Google has violated its own definition of evil, but doesn't it matter that every one of its rivals also routinely violates Google's definition of evil?" I say flawed, because I value promises more than anything. Google has done things recently that break their initial promise. That sucks - there's no way around it. I do love Gruber's take, though: "It's not that Google is evil. It's that they're hypocrites. That's the difference between Google and its competitors." In other words, it's perfectly fine to be an evil scumbag company, as long as you're not claiming you're not. That's a rather... Warped view on morality.
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RE: best in the business
by kwan_e on Thu 5th Apr 2012 16:39 UTC in reply to "best in the business"
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Google is hands down the best search engine on the planet. Without google searching for (exotic) error messages would definitely be more cumbersome.

The problem is when something is used so much and is taken for granted it becomes part of the furniture.

Except the weird thing about Google is that it proves that the internet requires such a service as part of the furniture.

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