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Google Google's CEO, Larry Page, has just published a letter titled "2012 Update from the CEO". It's a state of the union-sort of thing, mostly filled with the usual stuff of how great Google supposedly is (we'll decide that for ourselves, why thank you). There's one bit in it, though, that caught my eye - something that puts Android's supposed fragmentation issues in a rather different light.
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I agree with some of what you say.

I have been baking my own rom's for Snapdragon (HTC Desire/Nexus One and HTC Desire HD). It's only in the last 4-5 months that places like Code Aurora have really started to blossom. On my older 2.3 based rom's they would max out at around 30-40fps using the crummy vendor (HTC) supplied drivers.. now on the same hardware with ICS 62-70fps depending on the test in the same software.. that's a HUGE improvement. My rom is now very fluid in it's rendering.. there are very few apps that are not smooth.. not bad for 2-3 year old phone. (note there is still a big difference between the Desire/Nexus One and DesireHD in terms of graphics performance). Both are dramatically smoother than anything HTC have brought to market.

I am keen to see if what the snapdragon developers keep to their statements about open source.. that could dramatically change the market.

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I had hoped so, non blob drivers make things like custom ROMs easier but it seems Qualcomm has already walked those statements back.

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