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Google Google's CEO, Larry Page, has just published a letter titled "2012 Update from the CEO". It's a state of the union-sort of thing, mostly filled with the usual stuff of how great Google supposedly is (we'll decide that for ourselves, why thank you). There's one bit in it, though, that caught my eye - something that puts Android's supposed fragmentation issues in a rather different light.
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Mostly agree. Compatibility of software across devices is not open standards, it's just an operating system doing its job. It's sad that people can get excited over this, or claim that it is impossible as a defense to OSs that run on half a dozen overpriced slabs (iOS, WP7...). Heck, there's hardly anything open or standard about Windows NT, and it could still likely do the same job equally well with a suitable shell on top of it.

However, I don't see how this hurts the principles of free software as a whole. Nothing about Android belittles, say, the work done by the FSF on binutils and GCC, or other major successes of free software. It is just an example of GPLv2 licensing gone wrong by hardware locking (or "tivoization"), something which GPLv3 was initially designed to prevent before Linux devs started messing around with it.

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Don't know why you got voted down. I completely agree with you in retrospect, and I was probably a little too harsh.

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