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Linux "Over a thousand developers contribute code to any given Linux kernel release. It's a process that works well from a technical perspective, but it's also one that has its fair share of shortcomings. In a panel at the Linux Foundation Collaboration summit this week, top Linux kernel developers detailed their common pet peeves about the Linux development model. It's a model that is not for the feint of heart ."
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RE: Sigh
by galvanash on Fri 6th Apr 2012 05:13 UTC in reply to "Sigh"
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Just an observation... I hang on out boards that Linus frequents - he is quite a character and one should wear their flame suite before discussing a topic with him.

But to be honest, I don't find he "makes fun of people" in the traditional sense of ostracizing them. He doesn't at all put people into groups or otherwise treat them like they don't belong. He is quite friendly actually. But he will rip into you if he strongly disagrees with you on something. I find he does this equally with newbies he has never spoken to before as well as developers whose name you would probably recognize.

Just saying he is an equal opportunity offender. I personally don't find it all that off-putting, it's more like an invitation to get the satisfaction of proving him wrong on something, although frankly I find I agree with him almost all the time. I think he can come across as smug and/or hostile sometimes - but imo all it boils down to is he likes arguments...

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