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Google Google's CEO, Larry Page, has just published a letter titled "2012 Update from the CEO". It's a state of the union-sort of thing, mostly filled with the usual stuff of how great Google supposedly is (we'll decide that for ourselves, why thank you). There's one bit in it, though, that caught my eye - something that puts Android's supposed fragmentation issues in a rather different light.
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I mostly agree with you, but thanks to Linux underpinings and the mindshare it has, hacking (I mean hacking, not cracking) phones (or mobile devices for that matter) have never been as easy and powerfull as it is today.
XDA has really flourished. The simple fact that you can get (mostly) working linux kernel for your device opens lots of possibilities. One of those is hackers showing what could be squeezed of the HW if manufacturer's sw teams had more focus.
As much as not the same as full GNU stack developement process (with distros and such) I find preety much the same qualities in XDA community that are there in other full OSS projects.

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Sure thing, I will give you that. It's certainly fun to tinker with it and the folks at XDA are amazing.

I'm not an opponent of this by any means, in fact, I wish drivers were more open so that full AOSP based ROMs would be easier to develop.

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