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Linux "Over a thousand developers contribute code to any given Linux kernel release. It's a process that works well from a technical perspective, but it's also one that has its fair share of shortcomings. In a panel at the Linux Foundation Collaboration summit this week, top Linux kernel developers detailed their common pet peeves about the Linux development model. It's a model that is not for the feint of heart ."
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RE[4]: Sigh
by Tuishimi on Fri 6th Apr 2012 21:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Sigh"
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No, he's right. I have a living example, my son. He borders on, or is genius (hasn't been tested) but because he fears ridicule he won't do ANYTHING until he's practiced it hidden in his room for … ever. It goes beyond physical things as well. It takes us forever to coax him to do anything. My daughter doesn't give a whit... she'll do something even if she does it poorly and doesn't much care what you think.

I'm more like her... I've been programming for 27 years now and I've seen and heard it all. My coding style hasn't changed too much in all that time, I think you sort of latch onto a personal style early on... but I've had people say I don't comment enough, I comment too much, my code's too verbose, my code's too obtuse... etc.

One thing I tend to do, and it might raise criticism, but I don't really care, is that I often choose algorithms or code statements that are more descriptive than efficient (unless of course the code in question really needs maximum efficiency) because I want my code to be self explanatory for the next person who has to work on it. I also do comment heavily (probably too heavily - but I enjoy leaving little comedic excerpts for people later on ;) .

I don't know. I've worked on operating systems, real-time banking applications, warehouse distribution software and for the last decade or so, web apps... and I've seen people belittle other people for poor reasons. I think peer code review, with guidelines and in a professional environment, is better than some public forum where people don't seem to know how to be constructive, only insulting.

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