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Windows It had to be said. It had to be said because no one else in the technology industry had the guts to say it. "I think it's time to stop giving Windows Phone a pass." Thanks, Joshua Topolsky. He's right. A few weeks ago I went back to my HTC HD7 for a few days while I was getting acquainted with the Android ROM scene, and to my utter surprise, most of my problems with Windows Phone 7 from when the platform was just released were still there.
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Although his review was truthful I think he was way too harsh. He took a low severity issue and magnified it by 10. Having used an LG C900 for a few months, barely even noticed the scrolling issues or the browser issues. The LG C900 has pretty modest hardware and performs as well as most new expensive phones with oodles of hardware power. I have never thought "this is a bit slow..." at all - which is really surprising given that it is *Windows* Phone...

One thing I consistently see is that very little of the negativity seems to come from people who actually use WP7(.5) and nobody can deny its charm.

Another thing to note is that in WP7 you generally do not spend a lot of time in 3rd party applications - and the official applications consistently have a *great* user experience. There is very little I actually miss Android for.

Does it deserve a pass? Definitely. I can find just as much (and more) to hate about Android and iOS.

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