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OSNews, Generic OSes "Punix is a Unix-like operating system for the Motorola M68000-based TI graphing calculators, starting with the TI-92+. It is currently under development and is not ready for widespread use yet. So far the kernel is being written, and user-space utilities and applications will follow." ...amazing.
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Too bad
by Elv13 on Sun 8th Apr 2012 05:07 UTC
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Too bad they don't support my TI voyager 200 and NSPIRE-CAS 2010, I could run my Linux apps on those! Oh, wait I have a smartphone for that.

But really, nice job! Given the age of the device, it might be a little impracticable, but it is so cool. Engineering for the sake of engineering should become a law.

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RE: Too bad
by christop on Sun 8th Apr 2012 16:05 in reply to "Too bad"
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Funny that you should mention your V200. I plan to support that and the TI-89 Titanium, in addition to the TI-89, because they're similar to the 92+.

On the other hand, the nSpire has completely different hardware, so I won't support any of those models. They're a lot more powerful and have more memory than the TI-9x series, so I suspect they could even run Linux if someone wanted to port it to them.

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RE[2]: Too bad
by dnebdal on Sun 8th Apr 2012 17:20 in reply to "RE: Too bad"
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The nSpire series seem to be ARM9, so yeah - if it's possible to bodge the code on to them and they have an MMU, it should be entirely possible to run linux (or a BSD, or perhaps minix) on them.

Also, having now read a bit in your blog: That's really quite impressive. I like the "drag the parts I need out of random older UNIX and *BSD systems and reshape them"-approach. ;)

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RE[2]: Too bad
by helf on Mon 9th Apr 2012 01:20 in reply to "RE: Too bad"
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Is the ti-92 not supported due to ram constraints?

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RE[2]: Too bad
by Morgan on Mon 9th Apr 2012 02:40 in reply to "RE: Too bad"
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And now I need to get another 92+ (I should never have sold mine after college). This is awesome work, I wish you the best with it! ;)

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