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Google If you ever needed evidence that no, people don't want a browser as an operating system, it's this: Google has updated Chrome OS to pretty much turn it into a traditional desktop operating system. This does raise the question - does anybody actually use Chrome OS?
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Desktop and laptop computers are a dying breed outside of professional users and a few dedicated home users. In all likelihood, the market is going to look a lot like it did in the mid-1990s and what we ask of our desktop operating systems is going to resemble what we asked of our desktop operating systems in the mid-1990s. At least in terms of the user interface. (The technical underpinnings will continue to advance.)

The reason for this is simple: very few people bought into the computer craze. What they actually bought into was the Internet craze. Now that devices are coming along that simplifies the interface and makes viewing media more convenient, the general purpose computer is going to drop off their radar.

That's a wonderful theory. Too bad the desktop sales figures completely disagree with you however. +1 for effort though!

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