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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless If there's one defining characteristic of Android, it's the operating system's extensive customisability. Since I'm quite curious what you guys are doing to your phones, I figured I might as well just ask you what your phone looks like - homescreens, widgets, applications, lock screen, whatever. Another thing that has me curious - what Android version are you running? Do you use a custom ROM, or do you prefer stock?
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by leos on Thu 12th Apr 2012 02:15 UTC
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My phone is the same as my other computers. Stock.

15 years ago my Windows 3.1 install was completely customized with an aftermarket shell to make it look like Windows 95 (my computer couldn't run 95). That was Calmira ( and it was awesome. I was 13.

12 years ago my Windows was running the Litestep shell and I had made my own minimalist theme. My ICQ was hacked to have custom graphics and load screen. I was 16 and it was awesome.

8 years ago I was running a minimalist window manager on Debian linux sid and managing everything myself. I was 20 and it was awesome.

4 years ago I got a new PC and it was too much trouble to get Linux to work properly on it. Moved to stock Windows and it was awesome to not have to spend all that time customizing.

3 years ago I started to get busy at work and decided to stop running linux there because it was getting to be more work than it was worth. I was 25 and life was moving ahead.

2 years ago I got a mac and left it bone stock. I don't spend any time screwing with my computer for no gain. Shortly after I got an iPhone for work... I don't spend any time customizing it because I'd rather spend my time using it.

So my phone is like all the other computing devices that I own. They started out highly customized and I learned a lot. I'm glad I did all that playing when I did, but I'm also glad I'm not spending my time on it anymore. Eventually I grew out of it.. I reckon most people will do the same with time.

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RE: Stock
by Jon Dough on Thu 12th Apr 2012 12:08 in reply to "Stock"
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With the exception that I use a Windows 7 PC and a Motorola Droid X, I'm right there with you. No time for all the fiddling around; I just need to get some work done. That's too bad, though; I like all the fiddling around.

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RE: Stock
by aargh on Thu 12th Apr 2012 13:04 in reply to "Stock"
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RE: Stock
by Wafflez on Thu 12th Apr 2012 15:01 in reply to "Stock"
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Same. And everyone I know (except this one person, I should make him my best friend) asked why do I still have default Win 7 wallpaper...

To me it's perfect - not so dull as one color fill and yet not color salad to make reading icons a chore or distracting attention (oooh anime girl's boobies...).

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RE: Stock
by Luminair on Fri 13th Apr 2012 05:06 in reply to "Stock"
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the internet is still quaking from the hulk smaash you just deliverred.

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RE: Stock - depends on what it is
by jabbotts on Mon 16th Apr 2012 18:17 in reply to "Stock"
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I've seen a lot of folk go through that evolution all the way to stock user. For me, it still depends on the device.

Work system builds - stripped down using stock options since they are work rigs not wiz-bling entertainment rigs. Nothing beyond some cmd scripting and install options really though. (blackviper's site references for services to disable)

Personal system build Windows - it's a gaming environment so it's mostly stock with optional crap left out, patches up to date, drivers up to date.. otherwise stock cause the desktop is just a brief flash before Steam kicks of the game-de-jour.

Now, the game.. that's tweaked thanks to re-discovering the love of modding.. and oh how Skyrim can be improved with mods.

Personal system build *nix - always minimal install plus custom package selection. Settings changes depend on the distribution. This is usually done with a managed set of build scripts though (bare metal to fully installed and adjusted system is about an hour and a half depending on network connection).

I still like to tinker with the mobile devices too. The N900 was a joy to muck with (shame about the N910 not going out to public consumers.. wouldn't be using Android now if Nokia had some vision). No custom rom on the Android side for me yet though, just did a stock ICS reinstall on the weekend due to a full device encryption issue (decided it didn't recognize the PIN change.. or original PIN.. so time to start over with a clean OS).

WinXP with Lightstep.. that does take me back though.. those would be the days I was doing full themes and custom whatevers. No.. don't have time to sit and tweak matching icons/background/widget graphics anymore.. my tinker time focuses less on the cosmetics these days.

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