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Google "Just got off the phone with Google over their Android app store (Market or Google Play to those keeping track of the name changes) about an application that I purchased that can no longer be found. Evidentially their new policy in the Market can be summed up as a head shrug and the words 'I got mine'. They have decided their fifteen minute refund window is not only absolute, but also applies even in cases where the developers are actively screwing over their customers." Yes, it's an angry rant, and yes, if that bother you, you can skip it, but the guy or girl has a point. Google has some major work to do on the Play Store.
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That is indeed how things work. I developed iPhone apps for two years but did not renew my membership because it was not a profitable endeavor for me. Unfortunately, this had consequences I was not aware of at the time. Upon not renewing my membership, my apps were no longer available on the store. That is expected for new downloads... the kicker was they were no longer available to paying customers. If a paying customer were to have deleted my apps, they can no longer download them. I thought I was selling them and giving Apple a commission on the sale. Apple decided to lease the apps to customers instead.

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I learned that lesson about the iOS app store in the same manner, and while at that point I had already dropped iOS as a development platform, that made it a certainty that I would never go back. At least with Android, though it has the same flaws, I can distribute my applications on my website if I choose to and bypass the flawed market scheme. That makes all the difference in the world.

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