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Google "Just got off the phone with Google over their Android app store (Market or Google Play to those keeping track of the name changes) about an application that I purchased that can no longer be found. Evidentially their new policy in the Market can be summed up as a head shrug and the words 'I got mine'. They have decided their fifteen minute refund window is not only absolute, but also applies even in cases where the developers are actively screwing over their customers." Yes, it's an angry rant, and yes, if that bother you, you can skip it, but the guy or girl has a point. Google has some major work to do on the Play Store.
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I feel for you; that situation really sucks, and nothing of what I'm about to say should be construed as a "T.S.", because customers shouldn't be treated like that.

The problem is we really trust Google an awful lot. We buy into the "Don't be evil" motto. We let them take care of all our private data and activities on the web because we believe they'll do right by us. We clap giddily every time they bring out something "open" or "free", feeling that they are truly on are side.

But are they? They're a business; their job, by definition (and even by law), is to make money and please their shareholders. Should we be surprised when those interest trump their altruistic ideals?

We fell in love with them because when they hit the scene they certainly seemed to (and probably were) treating us much better than everyone else out there. But maybe it's time we start re-evaluating our assessment of them.

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I just can't see anyone who ever went through the settings of an Android phone ever ending up blindly trusting Google again if they did before. Some stuff that is activated as a default is just pure creepiness.

"Do you want Google to collect data on you in order to provide more targeted advertising ?" Yes, sure, and the key to my house too ?

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