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Internet & Networking I would honestly serve at the altar of the person that did this. Keep the debugging information, but for the love of god, make your email client do something pretty and useful with it.
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And the world would be much improved in general if people would must use their brains more -- it won't hurt to much to try to read and understand the horrible "machine" response.

If everyone thought like this, we would be still using DOS.

That's like saying, "if everyone knew math, we would still be using pen and paper to calculate, instead of calculators or spreadsheets."

No. If people used their brains more, we would probably have greater advancements, and people wouldn't have to schedule an appointment at the "Genius" bar every time they need to have their fly zipped.

I cannot fathom why anyone would think that displaying a friendly error is a bad idea.

Because it uses more resources, and it is unnecessary, if one merely reads the text error.

Also, using a "friendly," interactive, graphical interface in place of something that is easily explained in a brief text message tends to make Johnny stupid and helpless.

You are also assuming that someone using the client has a conceptual understanding of how email works, beyond "I create a message and send it".

Somehow the point was missed. I am not assuming anything -- I am suggesting that we put efforts in to educating people in basic computer literacy and that we encourage people to think.

Whether it is feasible is an entirely differently subject.

Educating people in rudimentary literacy is certainly feasible. Literacy was much greater in the middle of the 20th century (when there were no GUIs).

Likewise, there have been several ages of enlightenment and independent thinking, throughout history.

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Your argument is so idiotic I honestly don't know how to reply. But I will make an attempt

Having something clearly pointed out is advantageous, it means I can use my brain to do much more useful things.
It kinda why they have road signs ... I get the message quickly, and allows us to concentrate on driving.

I am a Web developer, I normally do things such Web service integration. Your stance is the equivalent of saying that you shouldn't have custom error pages on a Website.

When I am developing I want proper filthy looking errors with lots of detail, when I am browsing ... I want a nice friendly message.

The resource on the client argument is also utter bullshit, my phone can render particle physics at 30 FPS in the browser. I think it can handle parsing some text.

How parsing an email message and displaying a clear and concise message to a sending failure, turned into a diatribe about how computer literacy and standards of education is utterly ridiculous.

In any case understanding the principle is more important than understanding the specifics ... parsing error messages are specifics and doesn't improve anyone's conceptual understand of how email works. It only teaches someone to pick apart a text string.

I am really fed up of geeks that seem to live in ivory CLI towers and mentally masturbate about how clever they are for understanding archaic syntax. It doesn't make you clever and those that aren't interested in reading it aren't "idiots".

It just means they have got other shit to do that they think are more important, like actually sending the email.

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