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Google If you ever needed evidence that no, people don't want a browser as an operating system, it's this: Google has updated Chrome OS to pretty much turn it into a traditional desktop operating system. This does raise the question - does anybody actually use Chrome OS?
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RE[2]: Hmm...
by OSGuy on Fri 13th Apr 2012 11:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Hmm..."
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And to both of you, why look for something else just because a new Windows OS gets released? You do NOT have to upgrade (yet another good thing of local/non-cloud computing). Why upgrade if the older version works? I skipped Vista. I went from XP directly to Windows 7 and I have never regretted - well spent money!

I agree, Windows 7 is a joy to use and would never have Windows 8 as a permanent OS. I have the CP installed for testing my programs only.

If you really want to try a true competitor to the Windows 7 (or any other Windows) experience in terms of functionality, logic and sense and a professional graphical user interface, as weird and funny it may sound, I strongly advise you to try the Kubuntu-TDE edition available on TDE's site.

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