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Internet & Networking I would honestly serve at the altar of the person that did this. Keep the debugging information, but for the love of god, make your email client do something pretty and useful with it.
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What's even worse is that FTP doesn't have a true client / server relationship. The client connects to the server and tells the server which port the server should connect back to the client on. This means that firewalls have to be programmed to inspect the packets on all outgoing port 21 connections to establish which incoming connection requests to port forward.

What todays is a headache for network security admins, it was a useful feature in the times when FTP has been created: it was possible for a user who had only low speed connection with two hosts, to pilot a data connection between them (via a high speed link).
This feature is sometimes called FXP, but it's already part of FTP protocol, RFC-959.

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