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Games When I ask you to name the technology world's most secretive company, you'd most likely respond with 'Apple'. However, there's one other technology company that, while substantially smaller than the Cupertino giant, is quite possibly even more secretive: Valve.
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by ano69 on Sat 14th Apr 2012 20:59 UTC
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A console from Valve seems a smart move, but I don't think that's their way (they lack resources for this). A more appropriate way for them is to certify certain Hardware/OS combos, even licensing a system design to interested ODMs is a viable option, and then selling the service (in its current form). Going that way, for example any Apple hardware can be certified for running Steam apps.

In fact, the Steam IS the granddaddy of all App*.* Stores and Markets and Google Plays around.

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by WorknMan on Sat 14th Apr 2012 22:29 in reply to "No Comment Title"
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A console from Valve seems a smart move

I'm not so sure about that. Since they've got their customers trained to accept the idea of 'buying' games they don't own (which is actually more like renting), I would assume that any console they released would be built around this model. That being the case, why not team up with OnLive and build that streaming service around steam? Broadband is getting to be so ubiquitous that there's almost no need to have anything but a thin client on the customers' end.

Of course, purists would say that consoles are useful for having physical media, but again... Steam doesn't work around this model anyway. So as long as you're going to 'buy' games from an online store, might as well just have them stream it.

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by Neolander on Sun 15th Apr 2012 08:34 in reply to "RE: No Comment Title"
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Actually, broadband is not as ubiquitous as you would think. Even in rich countries like the US, you still find such things as people using 56K modems because nothing else is available and 5 GB monthly download caps on ADSL connections.

I love to live in a country where such problems have been tackled for a long time, but we also have to remember that we are just lucky on that front.

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by modmans2ndcoming on Sun 15th Apr 2012 16:57 in reply to "RE: No Comment Title"
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buy games they don't own?

If you mean, buy games that do not have physical media so the media can not get scratched thus causing the loss of the game....then you are correct.

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