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Games When I ask you to name the technology world's most secretive company, you'd most likely respond with 'Apple'. However, there's one other technology company that, while substantially smaller than the Cupertino giant, is quite possibly even more secretive: Valve.
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by Neolander on Sun 15th Apr 2012 08:14 UTC
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Valve's already missed the smartphone gaming market

Or maybe they have just figured out that a smartphone, as far as gaming platforms are concerned, is like a Nintendo DS, but crappier on the controller and battery life fronts and better on the screen and connectivity fronts, and thus not much of a threat for them.

I can see why the actors of portable gaming would be afraid of smartphones. But even though some games (e.g. racing games) translate well to both, people generally do not play quite the same games on a bigger screen. When you look at Mass Effect, Deus Ex : Human Revolution, or Valve's titles, I do not see their cellphone versions becoming anything more than laughable toys anytime soon. Conversely, portable games like Phoenix Wright or Pokemon would likely feel repetitive and annoying if they were ported to a PC or a console, even though they are very fun to play on smaller screens.

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RE: Hmmm
by netpython on Sun 15th Apr 2012 08:16 in reply to "Hmmm"
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Is there steam for ios or Android?

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RE[2]: Hmmm
by Neolander on Sun 15th Apr 2012 08:20 in reply to "RE: Hmmm"
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Oh, right, sorry, I thought he was talking about Valve as a game development studio.

Still, my remark remains valid in a way : was there a Steam for Nintendo DS before ? Video game consoles have always had relatively closed distribution channels, and it's already a miracle that they managed to get Steamworks (not even the full Steam store) on the PS3.

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