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Games When I ask you to name the technology world's most secretive company, you'd most likely respond with 'Apple'. However, there's one other technology company that, while substantially smaller than the Cupertino giant, is quite possibly even more secretive: Valve.
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Microsoft is not oblivious to the fact that gamers and game companies choose Windows. As a company, they need to make a move to remain competitive. Mobile computing should be closely tied to desktop computing to make development easier. Microsoft knows this.

If anything, Microsoft will be making it easier for game makers to push content across more devices. The only problem is, they need to make sure they get the market share to make the whole thing pan out. They're behind in the race, and they know it.

This is the "leap of faith" that Microsoft is making. I'm positive that this will pan out for Microsoft, even if people are too myopic to see it now.

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gamers choose games.. the platform the game runs on is just the requirement to run the game.

game developers choose the largest market share.. it happens to be Windows at the moment but mobile devices demonstrate that they'll follow the money into new market shares.

I don't think the Windows brand is the key factor in either decision. It's an imposed requirement for the game studios targeting the PC segment and gamers targeting the latest blockbuster title.

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