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In the News Six-month-old web site Codecademy claims you can learn programming through its online tutorials. The free modules on JavaScript are now available. The site also allows anyone to post their own programming courses. The site has good funding, but question is: can you really learn programming this way? One blogger enthuses that Codecademy's approach "looks like the future of learning to me," while another slams it saying "Seriously? Wow, bull**** badging and sh**ty pedagogy wins the day in ed-tech investing." What do you think?
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Sounds like someone has a huge chip on his/her shoulder!

Title of the original post: "I think it depends on the person"

Your response: "he assumes that having a formal education makes you *better* than someone else without one"

I thought he was being rather conservative in his appraisal of a formal education. Nowhere is he saying that you must be formally educated to be a good programmer, but rather that a CS degree brings a certain way of thinking that presumably could be gained elsewhere as well. And he definitely said nothing about being "better" than someone else. The arrogance is your own.

Disclaimer: I have no CS degree.

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