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Internet & Networking "Unfortunately, Cameron's declaration that the 'free flow of information' can sometimes be a problem, then an aberration, seems to have turned into a pillar of the UK government's 2012 agenda. Despite declaring early on in his term that internet freedom should be respected 'in Tahrir Square as much as Trafalgar Square', his government is now considering a series of laws that would dramatically restrict online privacy and freedom of speech." The United Kingdom's crippling nanny state culture reaches the web. A country in deep financial problems, facing pervasise social unrest, censors the web to prevent riots. Sure Cameron, make it so.
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Even the mundane becomes a threat
by zaine_ridling on Mon 16th Apr 2012 14:45 UTC
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In the US it's the NDAA which Obama signed that turns even a casual mention of terrorism in an email or book as a flag for any one of its 16 national intelligence agencies to suspect you're a sympathizer and thus be labeled an enemy combatant, subject to indefinite detention without trial. It's sick. The Gulags are here and they're never going away now.

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