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Windows If you ever needed any proof it's anything but roses ans sunshine over at Microsoft's Windows Phone division, it's this. The next version of Windows Phone, WP8, will run on the NT kernel, which marks a pretty substantial departure from the current release. This raises the question: will current handsets be upgradeable to WP8? First, Microsoft indicated no. Then they said yes (interview retracted). And now, they're saying no again.
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'Plays for sure'
by shotsman on Wed 18th Apr 2012 14:16 UTC
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That is all you need to know when it comes to Microsoft and their commitments.

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RE: 'Plays for sure'
by Moredhas on Wed 18th Apr 2012 20:32 in reply to "'Plays for sure'"
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I somehow think an up vote here might have been more worthwhile than my comment on the above post. Plays For Sure was a joke, and made a bigger joke of the Zune when Microsoft's own media player wasn't part of their so called Plays For Sure family. By the way, I have an old Plays For Sure mp3 player from Sandisk. Think it'll work in Windows beyond a mass storage device? Nope!

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RE[2]: 'Plays for sure'
by bassbeast on Thu 19th Apr 2012 09:44 in reply to "RE: 'Plays for sure'"
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Actually playsforsure was a hit but then Ballmer showed what an incompetent CEO he was by slaughtering a success to push his own iPod ripoff, but before the Zune there were several sites selling monthly subscriptions that were quite popular. The nice thing about PFS was that it worked on everything from that $20 MP3 player you got at the Walgreen's checkout to that $200 PMP and most places were offering anywhere from 5 to 10 downloads to keep and all you could listen to a month for $10.

BTW have you tried switching it to MPC mode? Most of those old players had a setting buried in the options, I still use my 4Gb Sandisk E series in Win 7 and it recognizes and loads just fine. WMP 12 will even auto-transcode to my preferred bitrate for the device without me having to tell it beyond when i initially plugged it in. Works just fine, not a bit of trouble and it was a PFS device too.

As for TFA...sigh, is anyone surprised? What we are seeing is just like the Pepsi guy at Apple, a CEO that doesn't know what he is doing aping those around him and failing horribly and this is from someone who has been on Windows since 3.x. just look at how many DUMB moves the man has made, PFS being killed for Zune, Kin, pushing on the X360 with a billion dollar flaw, Vista, and now WinPhone. Frankly if it weren't for Win 7 the guy would have had nothing but fails on his watch. he's just a bad CEO folks, and stupid moves like this just shows how he doesn't understand his customers. Boy I bet Nokia is really regretting that deal now huh?

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