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Google Yesterday, I wanted to leave a link to a search query in a Facebook comment. Then this happened. Please Google, fix your damn query URLs. This is unusable, user-hostile crap.
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RE: Clarifications needed?
by joehms22 on Wed 18th Apr 2012 15:30 UTC in reply to "Clarifications needed?"
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My duckduckgo just leaves a ?q= param, looks like the &t= comes from when ddg is integrated in software to track user base coming from that particular place.

Good to see you're actually using it though. ;)

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RE[2]: Clarifications needed?
by Alfman on Wed 18th Apr 2012 15:41 in reply to "RE: Clarifications needed?"
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Well that was a good catch!

It is a Linux Mint customization, and though it hadn't occurred to me, this is how the Linux Mint project gets to profit share from it's users searches.

I guess anyone clicking on my earlier link and then clicking on ads might well contribute ad proceeds to Linux Mint!

Thom, you need to get this profit sharing arrangement for osnews! (...not that I personally click on ads)

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