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Windows If you ever needed any proof it's anything but roses ans sunshine over at Microsoft's Windows Phone division, it's this. The next version of Windows Phone, WP8, will run on the NT kernel, which marks a pretty substantial departure from the current release. This raises the question: will current handsets be upgradeable to WP8? First, Microsoft indicated no. Then they said yes (interview retracted). And now, they're saying no again.
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Nothing new...
by TemporalBeing on Wed 18th Apr 2012 17:50 UTC
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Microsoft can't say because it will still be for manufacturers to decide, and if history proves out, the answer there will be no simply because the manufacturers won't want to pay yet another license fee (aka royalty) to upgrade the phones from WP7 to Win8.

This is nothing new. Under WinCE/WP7, it was always up to the manufacturers to decide if the upgrade would happen, and it typically did not aside from small patches here and there.

It's simply the nature of the Windows ecosystem.

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