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Apple Dude buys $4000 MacBook Pro. GPU make/model in this laptop is proven to be defective. Apple launches repair program that covers the machine. Apple refuses to fix or replace the dude's $4000 laptop. Dude tries several different ways of getting Apple to admit fault. Apple doesn't budge. Case goes to court, in front of a judge. Apple sends two (2) (twee) (deux) (zwei) (dos) (dva) (dau) lawyers to handle the case. Dude takes care of his own defense, obliterates Apple. Judge summons Apple to pay for the laptop and court costs. During the court case, the Apple lawyers admit openly that replacing the logic board would have cost Apple nothing, since Nvidia foots the bill. Apple paid for two, most likely quite expensive lawyers, to prevent having to pay nothing to replace a laptop. This is pure insanity.
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RE: Battery
by bassbeast on Thu 19th Apr 2012 09:08 UTC in reply to "Battery"
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So can we lay that whole "Apple are expensive because they are quality made" lie to rest now? Because while that may have been true in the past what we have been seeing of late doesn't make Apple quality look any better than Acer, Asus, or any of the other laptop manufacturers and frankly in some ways they look worse, as i can't picture Asus or Acer sending lawyers rather than just replacing a defective product.

Honestly this is an incredibly DUMB move and one I just can't see Jobs doing as the man knew the value of the brand. of course the big test will be to see if Cook can find new markets like Jobs did or will he simply coast like the Pepsi guy? One thing is for sure since Jobs passing i haven't seen anything to make me believe this will be like the Apple of old.

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RE[2]: Battery
by stestagg on Thu 19th Apr 2012 14:16 in reply to "RE: Battery"
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Well, the hardware quality (on the whole) of apple products is very high, it's hard to dispute that.

Customer service/relationship management is a whole different story.

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RE[3]: Battery
by voidlogic on Thu 19th Apr 2012 19:36 in reply to "RE[2]: Battery"
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"Well, the hardware quality (on the whole) of apple products is very high, it's hard to dispute that."

You must be talking about the shiny brushed metal shell, everyone else is talking about what is inside that shell.

Dell is average quality. Apple often uses the same parts as a Dell. Thus Apple items are often average quality as well.

I'll agree with you about the shell, great quality there!

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