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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia's results for the first quarter are in... And it's grim. Very grim. We're looking at a net loss of EUR 929 million, an almost complete collapse compared to last year's EUR 344 million profit. It's also almost double the loss analysts expected. Revenue dropped by 29%, too.
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by reduz on Thu 19th Apr 2012 19:50 UTC
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This is better than I previously thought.
As soon as Nokia collapses as the result of having embraced Windows Phone (because, obviously, they could have clearly saved their asses going Android), no other device maker or retailer will EVER want to push Windows Phone again, Steve Ballmer will finally be kicked out of the company and Microsoft will stop trying to embrace every market like a giant octopus and go the way of IBM. Then, the tech world will be a better place.

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by ricegf on Fri 20th Apr 2012 00:09 in reply to "Excellent, "
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Adding Android to create a three-pronged strategy made perfect sense to me.

1. Keep touting Symbian at the low-end (now with Qt! - it's your cash cow, keep milking it for cash flow from its legions of fans).

2. Push Android for the mid-range market (and find a way for your carefully cultivated army of Qt developers to quickly port to / co-develop for Android's Dalvik, rewarding their loyalty and earning their trust).

3. Keep touting MeeGo for the high-end / technologist market (with a nice Dalvik run-time for the best of both worlds - MeeGo got rave reviews, runs Qt apps like Symbian, and geeks like me were absolutely salivating for it and would happily have paid iPhone-like premiums for quality MeeGo phones if it had a future).

All three were open source and a great fit for the Nokia culture and traditions, and would have given Nokia a play in over 70% of the smartphone market OSes. With their quality hardware and reputation, their future would have been secure.

A CEO would have to be a dolt to miss something this obvious. Oh, hello, Mr. Elop...

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