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Privacy, Security, Encryption OSNews sponsor Tradepub has a special offer for our readers: Normally $9.95, the "Scrappy Information Security Kit", containing: "Scrappy Information Security", "Best Practices and Applications of TLS/SSL," "A Window into Mobile Device Security", and "The Cloud: Promises and Realities" (registration required).
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by _xmv on Fri 20th Apr 2012 03:26 UTC
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so now osnews post spam
u register with full info to get the book (and they sell ur info)


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RE: spam
by sagum on Fri 20th Apr 2012 06:03 in reply to "spam"
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Here is my full info:

Name: John 'McFattyfat' Sphamking, Jr
dob: 1/1/1901
registered blind
I have black hair, 1 leg and an extra finger on my right hand.

I currently suffer from bullsheetteritus, ints highly infectius and if not treated properly can sometimes lead to trollius-maxorverdé.

location: new york, 12345

Both my parents share the same name, David. Both are still alive living in a remote island of Kenya feeding wild fish. I have 12 brothers and 22 sisters. Two are from a twice married, once returned step dad's uncle's best friend's mate's sister's married-in uncle that isn't really their uncle.

I have two dogs, one can talk french and a cat who is ginger and four legs.

Too much? really who uses their real infomation to sign up to any content online without first creating a trial/test account so see if it checks out.

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RE[2]: spam
by kwan_e on Fri 20th Apr 2012 14:26 in reply to "RE: spam"
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You mean xmv is not that poster's REAL name?!!??!!

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RE: spam
by fran on Fri 20th Apr 2012 16:59 in reply to "spam"
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Personally if it is not overdone, i don't mind it a bit if this permits OSnews to generate more cash.

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RE: spam
by David on Fri 20th Apr 2012 21:39 in reply to "spam"
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Feel free to ignore anything on OSNews that starts with the words "offer from our sponsor"

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