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Linux Liuns Torvalds is a finalist for this year's Millenium Technology Prize, prompting Scott Merrill with TechCrunch to do an e-mail interview. Interesting how Torvalds ignores the existence of ultrabooks - the Air is the exact same Intel-designed machine. Curious.
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RE: Macbooks vs Ultrabooks
by Ravyne on Sat 21st Apr 2012 03:15 UTC in reply to "Macbooks vs Ultrabooks"
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The trackpad is glorious -- its huge, smooth (glass) and doesn't have any useless physical buttons or ridges/texture playing button.

There is a minor learning curve, but I actually came to prefer the trackpad not just over other trackpads, but for basic pointer-needing tasks like web browsing and email. I only pulled out a mouse when I needed to do some serious coding/writing, or to play a game.

I haven't tried out any of the ultrabooks myself, but they all seem to have buttons or faux-buttons. Ironically, the Google ChromeBooks all have mac-style, glass, no-button trackpads. If they had a bit more oomph, a hacked ChromeBook (bigger mSata SSD + OS of choice) would make a pretty sweet, and cheap, laptop. I'm hoping the rumors of new ChromeBooks sporting i3 processors are true.

I'm almost sad to say that I handed down my unibody MacBook to my girlfriend, and traded over to a not-much faster, used Lenovo T61p -- but then I remind myself it has discrete graphics and a 1920x1200 panel.

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