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Multimedia, AV I recently delved into the world of hand-drawn comics-style animation, after a lifetime of just sketching on paper. While I have a long experience with video editing, I had no experience with video animation of that kind. When I first got the idea to do the video it felt like a mountain to me, excessively complex. But the steep learning curve got easier with time. This is my top-5 cheat list to get you up and running.
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by Valhalla on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 15:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: :/"
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Thanks for the link, I just saw it and I liked it (liked the music too). Very much 'inspired' as far as character designs go but really it's amazing what a single person can accomplish in this day an age with the help of computers while combining their own work with that gratiously being offered for free by others.

I'd love to see a more technical in-depth article of the ways the computer can increase productivity/speed of creation by using stuff like the mentioned automatic in-betweening.

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