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Google "Reports are coming in from around the Internet that the Gmail redesign, which we were previously able to stave off with 'revert to the old look temporarily', is now forcing itself upon us. I too have succumbed to the new design, and have been forced to find ways to cope. Here's what I did to make it semi-bearable." The Gmail redesign has been the biggest whine-a-thon in the history of the web ('cope'? Bearable'?). For what it's worth, the Gmail redesign has been a godsend for me - the new Gmail is beautiful, understated, and elegant. I love it. I guess the old adage still goes: the satisfied people don't take to the web.
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If you don't like it...
by DDevine on Mon 23rd Apr 2012 08:38 UTC
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Run your own server or use somebody elses.

Every time I hear whining about gratis services I pull out my tiny weenie little violin and start playing for them.

Personally I think the new UI for RoundCube (in beta) is great and spam filtering is *really* not as hard to set up as people would have you believe. A dnsbl + SA picks up 99.999% of my spam. I get 1 spam slip through per month (if even that) and in the two years I have been running my server ZERO false positives. If you're really afraid of false positives then you can have "uncertain" messages put into a "Not sure if spam" folder.

You can even put your mail through Google to act as a spam filtering proxy I hear.

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