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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As I already said yesterday - a bit colourful to get me point across - this older article of mine has proven not to be as accurate as I thought it was, in light of a heap of new information. I want to offer some more background to all this.
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The problem here is that this stupid patent war going is fuelling this absolutely stupid flamewar. Kill the patents, that's how to stop it.

Well, that's more about money than anything else, so let the lawyers fight that shit out in court. Of course, Thom is going to post at least 5 articles a week on the subject (even though I wish he wouldn't), but that doesn't mean people have to fight about 'who copied who' in the comments.

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Big winners from software patents:

1) patent trolls
2) patent lawyers
3) computer industry is at a net loss for software patents. More claims have been paid out of the industry than royalty revenues are bringing in.

Top group blocking patent reform in Washington - patent lawyers.

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