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Legal "Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz took the stand here today as a witness for the defense, and disputed Oracle's claim that Java APIs were proprietary code from Sun. Google's lawyer, Robert van Nest, asked Schwartz whether, during his tenure at Sun, Java APIs were considered proprietary or protected by Sun. 'No,' Schwartz said in explaining the nature of open software, 'These are open APIs, and we wanted to bring in more people... We wanted to build the biggest tent and invite as many people as possible.'" Whoopsie for Oracle.
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RE: wheel turns
by bassbeast on Fri 27th Apr 2012 14:12 UTC in reply to "wheel turns"
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Actually I bet this does absolutely nothing to nobody. More likely oracle will win but it'll be some amount that for Google won't even be pocket change, say $30 million, and that will be because too many guys wrote REALLY stupid emails, and then things will go back to business as usual. nothing will change, Android will still be right there next to iOS, same old same old.

If anything this whole suit should be a wakeup call that we really really REALLY need to rethink email, because legally they are given the same weight as a letter and IRL they have about as much thought put into them as your grandma spamming LOLCats. I have seen tons of things in emails where i have thought "Did you even ATTEMPT to think before you hit the send key?" yet as far as a court of law in concerned they carry the same weight as someone sitting down with a sheet of paper bearing the company letterhead and writing a long proposal.

Time and time again we have seen emails bite a company right in the butt so either they need to push the users to abandon email completely or to use some format that isn't backed up, say an internal instant messenger. because until we fix the laws so that stupid emails aren't given the same weight as formal letters having email is a BAD idea if there is any chance your company may be sued down the road.

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