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Games "I am still struck by just how interested Valve is in Linux as a platform; it is certainly beyond my original expectations. This Linux work just is not some half-assed attempt by them to make it look like they are a Linux-friendly organization. Gabe's vision to support, embrace, and promote Linux are amazing, assuming they execute, which looks to be very high probability at this point." Nice scoop from Phoronix. Seems to all tie in quite well with the prospect of a Steambox running Linux.
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I'm sorry but have you TRIED GFWL? Its horrible! A total mess! Heck it can't even load the one lousy game I have for it (Bioshock II and i won't make the mistake of not reading the box before purchase again) without kicking me off whatever screen i'm on and back to the title screen!

In the end Valve has pretty much nothing to fear from Windows 8. Having set up a Win 8 CP machine in my shop and letting passersby try it the one thing they can all agree on is how much they HATE Win 8, whereas Steam is frankly a joy to use. Friends lists, chat, the Steam sales, in game screencaps you can share with buds, it is as opposite as opposite can be to what me and my friends have experienced with GFWL which is a badly done XBL clone.

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