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BeOS & Derivatives "During the coding period, I will first work on the boot loader. I intend to modify the existing x86 boot loader so that it is capable of loading both a 32-bit Haiku kernel and a 64-bit one. Once this is done, I will work on implementing the x86_64 architecture functionality in the kernel. Finally, I will port modules and drivers to the 64-bit kernel. Should I have time, I will also begin work on porting userland." Heck. Yes.
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Hell Yes!
by MacMan on Mon 30th Apr 2012 00:47 UTC
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Its about fracking time!

Especially with all this talk of Haiku being legacy free, 32 bit is indeed a legacy.

Alex, you da man!

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RE: Hell Yes!
by Valhalla on Mon 30th Apr 2012 01:01 in reply to "Hell Yes!"
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Yes this is indeed great, my favourite Haiku GSOC project this year.

The last time this was a GSOC project it sadly failed, but this guy seems to have alot more experience in the matter and is (judging by the introduction) off to a good start with having already submitted some patches.

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RE: Hell Yes!
by jamning on Mon 30th Apr 2012 03:10 in reply to "Hell Yes!"
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Happy about this too considering that other desktop OS like Windows and Macs are going to wall gardens.

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