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Legal Java creator James Gosling: "Just because Sun didn't have patent suits in our genetic code doesn't mean we didn't feel wronged. While I have differences with Oracle, in this case they are in the right. Google totally slimed Sun. We were all really disturbed, even Jonathan: he just decided to put on a happy face and tried to turn lemons into lemonade, which annoyed a lot of folks at Sun." Ouch. Also, doesn't jive with Schwartz' comments - might be illustrative of how bad things really were at the once great Sun.
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RE: google buitl a whole OS
by umlcat on Mon 30th Apr 2012 20:37 UTC in reply to "google buitl a whole OS"
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Its not only Java the programming language, but, also Java framework, (A.P.I., J.V.M. derivative).

My 2 cents its that Oracle will loose the charge of "Java Programming Language", but, win the charge of "Java A.P.I.", which to be honest, hope it won't.

There was another third charge OracleSun want to add to the trial, but, the judge dissmissed. Don't be surprised, after this trial is over, another trial with that missing concept, plus, anothers, may follow.

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I don't know, this trial ain't looking too god for Oracle. Their damage claims have already been bitch slapped down into the ground.

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