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Legal Java creator James Gosling: "Just because Sun didn't have patent suits in our genetic code doesn't mean we didn't feel wronged. While I have differences with Oracle, in this case they are in the right. Google totally slimed Sun. We were all really disturbed, even Jonathan: he just decided to put on a happy face and tried to turn lemons into lemonade, which annoyed a lot of folks at Sun." Ouch. Also, doesn't jive with Schwartz' comments - might be illustrative of how bad things really were at the once great Sun.
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RE: Sigh
by MollyC on Mon 30th Apr 2012 21:47 UTC in reply to "Sigh"
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I remember the days when Sun/Java was the great white hope of the "freedom loving" programming community.
But then a new flavor of the month comes a long, gets in a conflict with Sun/Java, and those freedom lovers have to choose sides, and they decide side with the new boy (Google) and throw the old one under the bus. lol

Meanwhile, as time goes on, Google's "Do no evil" mantra becomes more and more a farce, yet they continue to get a pass from the so-called "freedom lovers". hehee

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RE[2]: Sigh
by pooo on Mon 30th Apr 2012 22:14 in reply to "RE: Sigh"
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What are you trying to insinuate? That the OSS community is not loyal because they are angry at Oracle? Is that what you are calling "throwing under the bus"??

Give me a break. People are mad because Oracle is going back on their open stance wrt java. There is nothing wrong with that.

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RE[3]: Sigh
by MollyC on Tue 1st May 2012 17:34 in reply to "RE[2]: Sigh"
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I'm not "insinuating" anything.
I'm just amused at the transpirations where two (current and/or formerly) heros of OSS community now fight eachother, and the OSS community feels compelled to pick a side to root for. ;)

I understand the stated reasons for siding with Google, but it's not clear to me that Oracle/Sun is more "evil" than is Google. Maybe the OSS community is still wowed by Google's "Do no evil" baloney.

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RE[2]: Sigh
by Beta on Tue 1st May 2012 00:49 in reply to "RE: Sigh"
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I remember the days when Sun/Java was the great white hope of the "freedom loving" programming community.

You have a really bad memory, Java was always treated poorly because it wasn’t FOSS. Then it became GPLed as OpenJDK yet was one version behind, all the while the JCP was in deadlock, and then Oracle bought them. Nothing seemed to all go well at once.

The OpenJDK release was a great vindication for freedom lovers, but I don’t think anyone saw it as the great white hope you claim.

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RE[3]: Sigh
by MollyC on Tue 1st May 2012 17:21 in reply to "RE[2]: Sigh"
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You don't think anyone saw Java as the great white hope?

I used to frequent and the Java.lang.advocacy (whatever the exact name is) usenet group back in the day, when those sites were thriving (they still exist (the former as a dzone site), but have died down considerably since their heyday). And I read Nicholas Petroly's bs. And slashdot. And InfoWorld. And it was all about how Java, "write once, run anywhere", was going to free mankind from "Wintel". Scott "I hate Microsoft" McNealy was held in high regard back in those days as a white knight (before he ran Sun into the ground by doing sooooo many stupid things based on "I hate Microsoft" rather than practical strategies).

Remeber the big "Netcomputer" push, where computers would simply run Netscape Navigator and all apps would be Java apps run from the web? And that would eventually lead to computers where the OS would be "Java OS", an OS that just runs Java apps (without the need for Netscape or any browser)? Lots of OSS folks were down with that (like many of them are (or were at one point) down with Chrome OS today, which has a similar vision).

I remember a speech McNealy gave to an OSS conference. He got up on the podium and said, (not a verbatim quote) "We at Sun believe that all software should be <pause for effect> free" and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. He went on to talk of spreadsheet "appliances" and word processor "appliances", where such programs would be packaged as hardware dedicated to the specific task in question (he must've forgotten that word processors actually began just that way (my grandfather's first home computer was a dedicated word processor), and the public had moved to using general purpose computers). And he explained that the software would be free but companies would make money by selling the "appliance" hardware. And the peeps in the audienced cheered and McNealy had a big grin on his face. lol

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