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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Ballmer's visit takes place shortly after LG Electronics' executive said during an earnings conference session last week that the company is planning to focus on smartphones running on Google's Android mobile operating system. The executive also said LG is taking a step back from Windows phones powered by Microsoft's platform, adding that it will 'continue research and development efforts' on Windows Phones." Anyone surprised by this should have their peepers checked.
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Until companies do a better job of keeping up with Android releases they can't complain about Google buying Motorola.

I bought a micro-wave oven 10 years ago. The controls and features for this micro-wave have remained the same since I got it; even though more modern micro-waves have better features.

I think the manufacturer of my micro-wave should be forced to upgrade it for free, even though the manufacturer was never under any obligation to provide upgrades, and even though it still works the same as it did when I chose to purchase it.

- Brendan

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I bought a micro-wave oven 10 years ago.

I'm sure your micro-wave supports the latest apps ever created for it.
Smartphone is not an one-shot device anymore. It is a part of platform with new software, bug fixes, etc.

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