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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's about time. RIM is in deep trouble, and is seeing its smartphone market share being eaten left and right by Android and iOS. After being more or less the equivalent of a deer caught in the headlights, the company has now finally unveiled its answer to the original iPhone - 5 years too late.
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RE: What does BB10 have?
by Milo_Hoffman on Tue 1st May 2012 19:32 UTC in reply to "What does BB10 have?"
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> they make this OS fly

The OS on my Bold (7.x) is the slowest smart phone OS I have ever constantly goes out to lunch and does not respond as well.

I was a Crackberry lover for many years, and then I moved to an iPhone. But I recently was given a brand new BB Torch at work and frankly anyone who has ever used an iPhone and gone back will tell you....its junk.

Light and day....the only people who don't know any better are those who have not used anything else.

BB was fine in the day and I loved my curve back then...but its OS is ancient junk compared to what is out in the market now.

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RE[2]: What does BB10 have?
by mistersoft on Wed 2nd May 2012 15:30 in reply to "RE: What does BB10 have?"
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2011-01-05 maybe just maybe, the NEW one's a lot better?

Just saying.

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