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Mono Project Wow. "One crazy idea that the team had at that dinner was to translate Android's source code to C#. Android would benefit from C# performance features like structures, P/Invoke, real generics and our more mature runtime. [...] We decided it was crazy enough to try. So we started a small skunkworks project with the goal of doing a machine translation of Android from Java to C#. We called this project XobotOS." Most of Android's layouts and controls are now in C#. The small benchmark is stunning, but as much as I admire the work, I'm wondering that this like going from bad to worse - from Oracle's Java to Microsoft's C#.
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I'm not a lawyer, but I think it's very doubtful that you would infringe a Microsoft patent simply by *using* a programming language. That would be the equivalent of saying that every file you save in Emacs, or every program you compile with GCC, has to use the GPL.

Now, if someone (like Google) produced their own for-profit implementation of C#, including the non-standardized parts of the BCL, then I don't know. But that's a risk that anyone takes when trying to duplicate something that isn't standardized. It's unfortunate, but it has nothing to do with C# as a language.

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I agree. Plus Google could argue that M$ (yes, I did that on purpose!) is already extracting royalties from Android (by proxy, from the cellphone manufacturers), so Google don't have to pay them - again - for just using C#.

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