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Apple Apple is rejecting applications that use Dropbox because if the user of such an application does not have the actual Dropbox application installed, he is presented with a Dropbox login form through Safari, which happens to also show a sign-up link, and after clicking on that sign-up link, users could potentially run into one of the paid Dropbox options. Application developers and users surprised by this may need to read about the frog and the scorpion.
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by MOS6510 on Wed 2nd May 2012 14:11 UTC in reply to "Good"
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It's a bit silly, because you can get a free Dropbox account, but also a paid one. It's the possibility of someone opting for a paid account outside of the app store domain that Apple objects to. If you can/need to buy something it has to be done via the app store system, which is "user friendly", but also allows Apple to take some of the money.

While I agree that it's nicer for the user to be able to purchase anything using his Apple ID and the app store instead of getting redirected to a web site, I do think it's a bit overblown in this case as most, if not all, people who end up needing to get a Dropbox account after installing App X will go for the free account.

I mean, it's rather logical to get the free account and see how far that gets you and if it doesn't get you far enough you can always pay up for extra disk space.

Personally I have used Dropbox for free for quite a while and I'm nowhere near my limit.

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