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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox is receiving yet another interface overhaul. Dubbed Australis, the new UI (and UX) will span, embrace, and unify the desktop, tablet, and smartphone versions of Firefox." I like the Metro one - very curious to see what Chrome has up its sleeve for Metro.
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Is combining mobile and PC UI's good?
by benali72 on Wed 2nd May 2012 18:49 UTC
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All the major players seem to have decided they must combine their PC and mobile interfaces (eg: Microsoft with Metro, Ubuntu with Unity, etc).

Is this really a good idea?

Vendors think so because they see the growth figures and understand the mobile internet is where we're all heading.

But from the user perspective, I'm not so sure combining mobile and stationary PC UIs is always beneficial.

For example, based on the evidence of the latest Windows version, I don't see how adding Metro helps my desktop experience. Ditto for Unity.

So leave desktop FF alone and don't twist it out of shape for the benefit of mobile users.

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<whiiiiine>Nooooooo!</whiiiiine> Mobile is the future, THE FUTURE I tell you! Even though it still accounts for, what, 15% of devices used for browsing the web (if that) and mobile UIs are basically prettied-up throwbacks to GUIs from the late 80s.... but it's still THE FUTURE! Every interface has to be "touch-friendly" first and foremost, even those where touch won't be the primary input method and even if the focus on "touch-friendliness" is detrimental when mice & keyboards are the primary/only input...

FUTURE, damn it!

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According to analysts mobile web passed PC web last year

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No it's not. At least it's not when it's done blindly. 24" desktop display is definitely a different use case than mobile screen.

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Is this really a good idea?

No. 24'' screens are different from little ones. Using touchscreens is different than using mouses and keyboards. That's why, for example, KDE, has "Plasma Desktop" for desktop computers and "Plasma Active" for smartphones and tablets.

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I think its a stupid idea personally and figure many if not most of these ideas will bomb. We are talking about VERY different devices with VERY different methods of input and usage patterns, so trying to be a jack of all trades will make them naturally a master of none.

BTW for those that don't want to deal with this mess may I suggest Pale Moon which has forked as of version 12 because they have no desire to follow FFs UI mess? for those that don't know of the project Pale Moon is optimized for more modern chips by using the SSE flags in compiling and has both 32 and 64 bit versions. I would post a link but OSNews has always been hit or miss for me when it comes to posting links and Pale Moon seems to be a miss since i can't get it to parse, sorry.

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All the major players seem to have decided they must combine their PC and mobile interfaces (eg: Microsoft with Metro, Ubuntu with Unity, etc).

Is this really a good idea?

I dunno but I do know that I really like Unity. In fact, it's the one of the reasons I just switched back to Ubuntu from many years of using Kubuntu.
Also, considering how keyboard-driven Unity is I don't know if it's right to think of it as a mobile UI.
As for the new Firefox interface I might like it, seeing as I like Chromium.

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