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Legal The US Trade Representative has released its Special 301 Report again, the document the US government uses to mafia poor countries (and Canada) into enacting stricter IP laws. "Perhaps the most shameful inclusion in this year's report are a series of countries whose primarily fault is being poor. [...] Moreover, with repeated complaints against countries seeking to ensure adequate access to medicines for their citizens or access to books in schools, this year's report hits a new low. It demonstrates the failure of the enforcement agenda and stands as an embarrassment for one of the world's richest countries to prioritize its IP rights over human and economic rights in the developing world." Infuriating. And people wonder why I consider the current IP legislation and lobby entirely unethical and strictly evil.
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30 million? That is what you call significant?
I hope you realize that is about 10 cent per person in the US. If you think that donating 10 cent is significant than I hope you are proud of how well you are sharing the wealth!
Even the countries that are receiving 300 million are only receiving 1 dollar per US person. Thanks for sharing

It's not like average Americans can do anything to fix that. The bureaucracy / red tape is staggering, and it's clear that %0.0001 of people get to call the shots (usually in secret, they don't like asking for permission). I'm trying not to be cynical, but when as much as 20% of GDP goes towards military / defense, it's hard not to be confused. I would indeed rather such money went towards helping people rather than building "yet another" stealth bomber or whatever useless dreck. (But who knows, maybe not all defense is useless, maybe "accidentally" it actually helps someone somewhere. Hopefully.)

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