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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy SIII - 4.8" 720p SuperAMOLED display, quad-core processor, 8.6mm thick body. Despite the larger display, the SIII isn't much larger than the SII, which is pretty impressive. Samsung also shoved a whole bunch of new features into TouchWiz, including a few quite kitschy sound effects. Ice Cream Sandwich, but TouchWizzed. I personally really dislike the move to curved and rounded designs (still waiting for a perfectly straight, sharp-angled slab), and there's no way in heck I'm buying this thing. Available May 29, all throughout Europe. Asia, Africa, and the US will follow later during the summer. Will sell like hotcakes. Update: Really - why are they doing this to ICS? This reminds me of that Southpark episode with Spielberg and Lucas raping Indiana Jones. We're all seeing it, but nobody's doing something about it.
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When Note goes quad...
by mfaudzinr on Thu 3rd May 2012 21:12 UTC
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Great news. But my favorite smartphone is the Galaxy Note. So now we have quad SIII. What follows in the near future would be the Note or whatever they're going to call the next Note iteration. Once the Note is updated to quad A15, I'm sold. Right now I'm definitely enjoying the current iteration of Note. Awesome...

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RE: When Note goes quad...
by ricegf on Thu 3rd May 2012 23:01 in reply to "When Note goes quad..."
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If my N900 died today, the Note would probably be my choice - though possibly a Galaxy Nexus for ICE. Just gave a Nexus to my wife for Mother's Day, and she loves it dearly.

If the Ubuntu / Android combo or a Tizen phone makes its appearance by Christmas, and I'm still in the market, then I'll seriously consider that option first. I'd still prefer a pocket Linux PC to a mere phone.

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Fantastic bit of hardware that. Shame about Nokia intentionally making it's N910 child a still-born by limited production runs and lack of consumer availability. My own N900 remains on the desk until I decide how to re-purpose it.. maybe a dedicated airodump capture device. (anyone know of an Android app that does proper packet capture?) I've been using new hardware now for over a month and it's just not the same as having a proper Debian forked distro in my pocket. Here's hoping someone gets such a device to market by the time I'm ready to upgrade again.

I also went Nexus when the time came to upgrade and it's been a great introduction to the Android OS. I'd just suggest sticking close to the Nexus line rather than some manufacturer molested knock-off distribution fork of Android.

One irony is security. One can either have a locked device which get's prompt system updates but leaves you with the broken program permissions system or one can root the device and have proper and affective permissions (LBE Privacy Guard and similar) but not be able to apply system updates directly.

If you do go the rooted path, I'd recommend looking at Wug's root tools. Hardest part is getting the Android and Fastboot device drivers installed. After that, unlock/rooting is painless. It also has an option to backup third party programs and data so you can flash the latest factory image then easily restore your installed apps/data from backup. I did the ICS 4.0.4 update in about an hour instead of 20 min + a few days of reinstalling/reconfiguring apps.

If you go Android; insist on the Nexus line for a proper Google Android instead of a molested fork distribution and get Wug's so you can root it and make security software actually have some affect.

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