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Windows A few days I switched back to Windows Phone 7.5 as my main smartphone operating system. Why? Well, because I can. I like to change things up every now and then, and blessed as I am with an iPhone 3GS (currently pulling duty at my best friend as her portable gaming device), Galaxy SII with CM9, and an HTC HD7, I have the luxury of doing so. Now that I'm back in the neat, tidy, and straight-lined arms of Windows Phone 7 - three long-standing issues really break the illusion, which all come from one source: the networking stack.
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RE[2]: Correction
by leech on Fri 4th May 2012 03:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Correction"
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Sure, the N9 looks nice, but I'm not sure the buttonless UI is all that great. Good for being buttonless, sure, but swiping twice to get from an app to the events screen (which is where new messages, mail, etc. shows up) feels more convoluted than simply pulling down the notifications screen on an Android device. Getting to the home screen simply by pushing the nice, mechanical home button is also better than the more error prone swipe movement.

They've made the swiping far less error prone. I'll say I haven't used ICS all that much, but all the earlier versions of Android tend to not be terribly consistent. Sometimes I'd hit Home, expecting the home screen, and instead it takes me to the program's 'home'. Though this same inconsistency exists on the N9, it's not very common (a perfect example is Firefox, when you swipe from the top, it's supposed to close the application, but because it's Firefox, it swipes off the screen, but then flashes back on and asks if you'd like to close all tabs... You can turn that off though.)

I absolutely love my N9, and if the Blackberry 10 is as similar as Harmattan, then I may switch to them in a few years!

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RE[3]: Correction
by No it isnt on Fri 4th May 2012 14:42 in reply to "RE[2]: Correction"
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What? I've used Android for close to two years, and the home key has always taken me to the home screen. Which apps do you mean?

As for the N9, I like it a lot (bought one just a couple of weeks ago), I just don't find the UI to be any more efficient than Android's. Like some other guy said, the haptic feedback is excellent, so the touch screen experience itself is better than elsewhere (perhaps not the Lumias?), but it's still just a screen. With actual keys, you can feel the touch before you press, haptic feedback will only tell you that you just did.

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