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Windows A few days I switched back to Windows Phone 7.5 as my main smartphone operating system. Why? Well, because I can. I like to change things up every now and then, and blessed as I am with an iPhone 3GS (currently pulling duty at my best friend as her portable gaming device), Galaxy SII with CM9, and an HTC HD7, I have the luxury of doing so. Now that I'm back in the neat, tidy, and straight-lined arms of Windows Phone 7 - three long-standing issues really break the illusion, which all come from one source: the networking stack.
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RE: Don't worry, a fix is coming!
by leech on Fri 4th May 2012 03:43 UTC in reply to "Don't worry, a fix is coming!"
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This platform is DOOMED. I dont care how "intuitive" it is to some people, when BASIC functionality (like updates to the live tiles that are supposed to be so damn nifty!) is so horribly broken, when the specs are so underwhelming compared to the do they expect to compete?

While I agree with all your other comments, including that WP7 is doomed, I still think far too many people are hardwired now to think SPECS!

I try to think of the mobile industry these days as much like the 16-bit era of personal computers. We had the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, Apple Machintosh and IBM PC Compatibles. The Atari ST and Mac's OS were far more lighter weight than either the Amiga or the PCs of the time. Of course the Amiga was also far more capable for the same reason (some may argue which was more lighter weight, but a perfect example is color icons vs black and white, and actual multitasking on the Amiga, so by it's very nature required more ram.)

Requirements for decent performance are dependent on the operating system. MeeGo for example runs awesomely with 1GB of RAM and a 1Ghz processor. In fact I had 32 Applications running (one of which was a magnifying glass that was using the camera in a live thumbnail) and only then had it started to get rather unresponsive but was still semi-usable.

Android and iOS would absolutely choke on that same hardware with trying to (REALLY) multitask.

WP7 seems to not even support multiple cores (I could be wrong about this, correction?) But that doesn't mean it's not optimized better than some of the competition.

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No WP7 does not support more than one core. For that you have to go to WP8, and there is no guarantee that WP7 phones will ever get that upgrade. I agree that the OS is more efficient with limited hardware, but saying that the average customer doesnt care about specs is wrong, I think...I think its easy for someone to look at the little price sheet next to the phone, then compare it to the little sheet next to the other phones...

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